Homemade Carpet Cleaning Tricks: Clean Up Spills From The Carpet

We have the tendency to complicate life. Rather, it is better that you should check out for the best solutions in every aspect. If you have spills on your carpets then you need to take some action. With the help of homemade carpet cleaning tricks there would be a lot of benefits that you can avail. 

Homemade Carpet Cleaning
Homemade Carpet Cleaning
  1. Use detergent liquid for cleaning the carpet stains

When some solid or liquid has spilled over the carpet, it would be better to first remove the thing from the carpet. You can scrape the food off and blot the liquid. This is the prime process that you need to work out on while you are cleaning the carpet spill. Then there would be other methods that you can follow. So, one of the most effective remedies is using the liquid detergent to remove these carpet stains. You should take a few drops of dish liquid and then scrub the same in the affected area. This will make the stain light. Soon, the stain will be all gone, if you try this method, multiple times.

  1. Using ammonia in like warm water for spill removal

If your carpet stays fine while you have tested a drop of ammonia liquid over the same, then you can use it as an effective stain remover. Take some household ammonia and mix the same with lukewarm water. Now, use this as a paste on the stained area. Keep this as it is for some time and then see the difference. You will see that with such carpet cleaning tricks there will be better benefits.

  1. Use white vinegar for cleaning the spill

Now here’s one of the most popular means to clean the carpets. You have some stains on the carpet. You will have to remove them so that you can get the best looking carpet. So, you can use white vinegar solution on the stained area. It will work as one of the best stain removers.

  1. Use rubbing alcohol to remove oil spills

The most deadly stain would be grease or oil stains. These would remain for long. If your carpet has some old oil stains then you can use rubbing alcohol to get rid of the same. If you can use that for a few times then the stain will completely be removed. 

Over a period of time, the carpets might become old and there would be many issues that you may follow. The stains on the carpet would look bad. There would be dirt marks too. But, with the above remedies, you will see that you can fetch a good amount of benefits.


There are many good organic carpet cleaning methods and for that you need to be clear about how to use them. You should make it a point to vacuum clean the carpets every day and then there should be one more thing that you need to follow and that is, treating the spill as soon as you come in contact with the same.