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Add New Life to your Rugs

If you are looking for rug cleaning services near your locality then get the best Rug Cleaning in Fortitude Valley from us. Book your appointment with us and we are all set to be reached at your doorsteps. We have affordable carpet cleaners who provide rug cleaning services at economical rates. Dirty rugs can be the seedbed for germs, bacteria, dirt, and dust which could affect the luster and charm of the rug. Over time these stains, dirt, or dust gets darker which needs to be treated properly. For this Carpet Cleaning in Fortitude Valley has come with many ways to make your carpet look like the old days.

Our trained workers know that your carpets are very costly and delicate so that it requires extra care. For this, our cleaners are very well trained equipped with the best techniques and equipment to clean your carpets. Our company charges very nominal and feasible amounts for its services so that customers don’t have to think overpayment towards the final bill.

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Our Proficient Rug Cleaners Follow Pattern to Clean Your Rugs

It’s the very first process of our organization to inspect the carpets with the help of Xenon light to find any worn areas, pet urine or insect damage, fiber staining, etc. Then, our experienced rug cleaners apply a dye test to find out any bleeding in the carpet due to excessive use of color or any other staining. The next step is to perform dusting so that large chunks of dust could be removed from the upper layer of soil. Your rug will go through a complete wash and bath submersion with the right solution and water. Every inch of the rug is cleaned single-handedly. Our professional’s use rug shampoos and solutions and cold water.

During the drying process, depending upon the age and structural composition of the rug we either hang them or lay them flat on a clean surface to dry them up. After getting dried up the last process is a thorough inspection so that we do not hear any complaints from our customer. In this way, your most precious rugs are cleaned by our best carpet cleaners.

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